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Jake Tucker
Our Star Candidate for Electoral District of Barrie-Innisfil.

Dear Non-Voters

Your group is the largest group of 9.8 million eligible voters in Ontario and the only group that can change the direction of this province on Election Day.

In the 2014 Ontario election only 52% of Ontarians cast their votes. Liberal MPPs formed the majority government with 14% of the eligible voters in Ontario, and all 107 elected MPPs received only 25% of the eligible votes. Approximately 90% of those who vote have already decided to vote for one the three mainstream parties and the remaining 10% decide on the last days of the campaign, just before Election Day. Voters often latch onto a political party for a single issue, and a political party often excludes anyone else's interests by going hell-bent on some issue. Special status gets assigned to all groups, races, religions, ages is based on anything but need; and need, is universal. We ought to make sure "everyone" is included. Then we'll be truly equal, colour blind and compassionate and there won't be a need for special status or points.

We do sympathize with you when you don't want to bother to vote. We understand that you are among those in the majority who choose not to vote for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You believe that voting is a waste of your valuable time.
  • You feel that you don't want to be responsible for the MP's wrong doings.
  • You don't see any useful outcome as a result of your participation.
  • You dislike or even in some cases hate the way politicians behave and feel they treat you unfairly.
  • You have no hope for a better future either for yourself or your children.
  • You see the election process as a total waste of tax payers' money.
  • You pride yourself on your decisions and decide not to waste your vote.
  • You are sick and tired of unfounded promises that are given to you at election time.

For all the above reasons this is the time to exercise your right and get inspired.
Raising the bar on democracy.

There is another alternative: vote for someone who is part of the suffering population and is neither a politician nor a member of the aristocratic oligarchy. And let the rest of the nation know that people no longer neither accept, nor put-up with the status-quo.

You have another 25 registered political Parties in Ontario to choose from!

Or, you can show up at your polling station on June 7, 2018, register, and decline your ballot;

Ontarians need a fresh breed of representatives


  Over the last 15 years, the Liberal Government has managed to grow Ontario's net debt from $130 billion to $310 billion in spite of increasing/new taxes, such as health premium, tire tax , eco "fee", WSIB tax increase, HST, etc. and making drastic cuts in social services, such as delisting coverage of optometry, chiropractic, physiotherapy services. Meanwhile, Ontarians had to cough up additional money for skyrocketing hydro rates, tuition fees, auto Insurance, etc.

  The Ontario's sunshine list published in 2018 showed more than 131,700 people earned more than $100,000, including the CEO of Ontario Power Generation who came out on top, taking home nearly $1.6 million in 2017.

  We must ask ourselves how Ontarians end up become chronic procrastinators?!

  The first step for concerned Ontarians who want to get rid of the existing oppressive liberal regime is to change the way they think when it comes to political parties!

  In the 2014 Ontario General Election less than 52% of eligible voters cast their votes, and almost half of the population did not. Liberal MPPs formed the majority government with less than 14%, and all 107 elected MPPs received less than 25% of the eligible votes in Ontario. And as a result, chances for dishonest individuals to get elected increased drastically.

  Voters, before and during the 2014 election, were well informed about dozens of scandals that were a strain on Ontario's taxpayers. Billions of public money were wasted by the Liberals on slush funds, eHealth, CancerCare Ontario, forced "Smart" hydro meters, gas plant cancellation, Ornge, MaRS, OLG, LHIN, General Motors Auto and Nortel Pensions Bailouts, Samsung deal, offshore wind turbines, etc.

  The Liberal government oppressions are not limited to just financial matters, they also infringe on citizens' property rights and common law rights: G20, Caledonia, Children's Aid Society, MPAC, OMB, solar power in rural Ontario, Niagara Falls Commission, just to name a few!

So why do Ontarians choose to stay in this abusive relationship? Is it because they:

  • Fear their abusive Government?
  • See no way out?
  • Are attached to their abuser?
  • Economically depend on their abuser?
  • Cling to the hope that one day the situation becomes acceptable, if not satisfactory?

Memorandum of Understanding Independent thinkers, politically savvy activist, and doers, who are passionate to remove an aggressive and untrustworthy Liberal government in Ontario, are invited to become presidents of Constituency Associations across the province, and manage local grassroots movements in order to be ready for the next General Election. The process is easier than one might think. Please click on the image at the beginning of this paragraph; print, review, initial all pages, sign, and E-mail the Memorandum of Understanding to us along with your complete contact information. Then you will sign an A-1 Constituency Association Registration form to be sent to Elections Ontario for approval. At the present the Leader of the party assumes the role of CFO for those applicants who have difficulty to find one (some conditions apply), and utilizes the party's auditor to expedite the process.

250 declarations The Canadians’ Choice Party (CCP), a registered provincial party in Ontario since 2011, plans to be registered federally and needs 250 declarations from eligible voters in Canada to be submitted as part of the application to Elections Canada. To help us register the CCP, we invite you and/or anyone you know who might be interested in joining our party. There is no charge. Please click on the image at the beginning of this paragraph, print a simple one-page form, sign "Type 1" under "Section N", complete "Section O", and send it to us by mail to:     1-927 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario    M4J 1L8
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