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Written by Bahman Yazdanfar:

Press Release
March, 2016

    HOMELESS CANADIANS......200,000

On February 9, 2016, I interviewed free speech advocate Paul Fromm on my non-partisan online talk show, "Voters Echo". A vile post on Marxist Facebook group "Your Ward News Watch" exclaimed "Long time YWN supporter and token non-white person Bahman Yazdanfar does an interview with long time white supremacist Paul Fromm . Bahman isn't the first non-white person (to) become a stooge for Nazis ...".

It appears that I, an Iranian immigrant, am a victim of the politically correct Fascist ideology of those who claim race is a "social construct" . except when it serves their purposes: "Social Justice Warriors".

Every 2-3 years the mainstream media announces the outbreak of an epidemic disease such as SARS, H1N1 or Zika, that contaminates certain parts of the world, or those practicing a particular lifestyle within a society.

Regardless of the seriousness of situation (natural or manufactured) there is always a small group of individuals (elected officials as well as mysterious shady characters that operate silently in the background) who benefit from the suffering and misery of the masses.

However, what the public is not being warned about is a chronic pandemic of an extremely serious, debilitating illness affecting most of the population. This illness was covertly manufactured by sinister groups within society, and government is conspiring with the creators of this illness to spread it far and wide. Billions of taxpayer dollars are used every year to disseminate this peculiar fabricated fatal virus, resulting in extensive global morbidity amongst mankind. This virus, which does not discriminate by age, colour, religion, language, geography, education, economical class, and even hygiene status, is called PCS . "Politically Correct Syndrome".

The parasites who transmit PCS are incompetent individuals with low self-esteem who try hard to compensate for their own intolerance and shortcomings by forcing others to work extra-hard to not offend these vermin. Pigeonholing is one of the main characteristics of PCS, and unlike most viruses or bacteria that are short-lived, PCS behaves like a CANCER . it is tenacious and spreads through diverse channels, cross-infecting other groups, from families to private businesses to public offices.

Our governments and their affiliated agencies both use the public purse and act as conduits to spread PCS seamlessly. Those who question the validity of irresponsible PCS-related policies made by any branch of the administration, are labelled as "Racist", "Nazi", "Homophobe", "Anti-Semite", "Misogynist", "Islamophobe", and the list goes on! Case in point: Kathleen Wynne is forming an "Anti-Racism Directorate" to mark and stifle Ontarians and to distract us from the policy failures of her miserable government. Not to mention the price tag for taxpayers!

To cover up her true intentions, Wynne appointed Michael Coteau to be in charge of the Directorate. Couteau is half Grenadian and half British, and is presently Wynne's Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. One would wonder what relevant qualifications Coteau has, besides his brown skin colour! Even NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Conservative Leader Patrick Brown, who constantly criticize the Premier, are not immune to the impact of PCS, and this spayed and neutered self-hating white duo endorsed Wynne's initiative without delay.

Here is a no brainer: I have a REAL SOLUTION for Premier Wynn to reduce and even eradicate racism, in three SIMPLE steps:

  • Step 1: Charge and prosecute those who stifle Free Speech and individual liberty.
  • Step 2: Invest in education, engage communities and help them flourish, and promote participation of citizens in their social and electoral process.
  • Step 3: Remove incompetents, crooks, sycophants, unscrupulous lawyers, and accountants from the administration; stop wasting taxpayers' money on your cronies, special interest groups and cosy media.

Although mainstream media works hard to censor news and events that might embarrass our governments and their allies, a day never goes by when we do not witness evidence of PCS in our society. For example, there was an article in the National Post on February 3, 2016, about a recent scandal in one of the clinics of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

CAMH's "Child Youth and Family (CYF) Gender Identity Service" (LOL) dismissed a prominent doctor for promoting "conversion therapy" (the "science" of turning "gays" straight). Even if the allegation against this doctor or similar health care employees is valid, one must wonder why a portion of the budget was being wasted on funding the department he was working for in the first place! Is special attention given to these sorts of issues just because we have LGBT members such as Kathleen Wynne and Glen Murray handling top portfolios in our government?

Just a half block west of CAMH's posh offices, homeless people line up every day to have a little charity food and a shelter bed! The CBC, the main disseminator of PCS and a propaganda machine for the mainstream parties, has admitted that a minimum of 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness in any given year. 150,000 of them use a homeless shelter at some point; 30,000 of them are homeless on any given night; and more than 50,000 additional Canadians are "hidden homeless" on any given night.

Yet our federal government allocated over two million dollars to one individual--Henry Yu at The University of British Columbia--to work on a project titled "Chinese Canadian Stories"! Millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted on Yu so he could conclude that "whites are racist". In other words, instead of combating racism, the government is ironically promoting another form of racism, by non-whites and non-Christians against whites and Christians!

Is this anti-white racism the fault of Henry Yu, or is he a carrier of the disease PCS? Regardless of anyone's opinion about sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other status, why is our "elected" government spending and prioritizing taxpayers' money for issues being championed by a very small number of groups, instead of addressing those problems that affect much larger segments of society? What about those citizens who have been neglected for decades, such as the hungry, the homeless, those with mental and physical disabilities, etc.?

According to the Toronto star, Michael Coteau said "I just want to figure out how to remove the barriers". It appears that Coteau is a member of one of the most destructive elements of society; a group that fans out PCS, creating more barriers in our calamity. He is a "Social justice Warrior" (SJW). SJW's consist of small pockets of delusional people who suffer from a condition called "The Messiah Complex", where they believe that they are destined to be a saviour. Many of them can't even wipe their own bums, let alone save humanity from destruction!

A large number of SJW's suffer from low self-esteem. Many are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, and were programmed by seasoned SJW's who were working with them in rehab. Because the SJW's think they are "not worthy", they try to gain respect by blaming others; usually "whites" as was eluded by Yu. A "non-white" like me can see this scenario very clearly. Thinking that they are being "persecuted", SJW's use the culture of victimization, and act as a sensitivity police squad whilst they hide behind a "cause". They use that cause to generate zeal for spreading PCS, often utilizing emotionally charged words as a purgative drug to achieve their sinister agenda. These agents survive only by means of sponging off their host: the populous, public money and governments' resources.

The only drug available today to fight Politically Correct Syndrome, if it was allowed to stay in society's medicine cabinet, is outspoken brave independent mavericks with the capability to think outside of the box, and with the audacity to address controversial issues and pose questions that are considered taboo. I consider myself and my colleagues at Your Ward News to be of that ilk.

Press Release
December, 2015

    Are Ontarians Being Gaslighted?

It's Time to Recognize Covert Emotional, Financial, and Social Abuse Tactics of Your Government and its "Elected" members!

Do We Really Need A Government?! Have you ever pondered how small groups of incompetent individuals, if not crooks, manage to form a government and screw the populous? Why people put up with it in spite of being constantly shafted? Isn't this look like that citizens are married to a psychopath and incapable to leave this relationship? Let's explore, shall we?

There are number of reasons, mainly false perceptions, that lead public to a pseudo-need for a group of individuals to control their lives; the common belief is that by having a government to take care of certain tasks, people are being looked after when they need help, they can focus on their private and family life, they can make and save some money for their retirement, they can pursue their interests/hobbies, and in general they will have more comfortable life. Interestingly enough these are very similar reasons that make two people to become partners and even get married.

However, not all partnerships/marriages work out to have a happy ending; as a matter of fact in almost one third of all relationships, women will be abused by their partner at some point in their life as a result of domestic violence which is characterized by physical, sexual, and psychological assault, as well as economic coercion. Some of these patterns are very similar to how our government in Ontario treats its citizens.

A case in point, the Liberal of Ontario got elected in spite of a terrible record of managing the public purse; a "voluntary" partnership between the voters and the newly formed majority Government; Did voters commit because of their love or attraction to Kathleen Wynne and the rest of her Entourage? The most likely answer is no; voters did not enter into this commitment out of a genuine bond toward the Liberals; they seem to did it because of fear of having the Conservatives as their spouse, voting for the lesser of two evils; bear in mind, it is more like arranged marriage since the member of this government represent only 14% of eligible voters in Ontario.

"Everyone else is doing it" is not a compelling reason on how the voters cast their votes, choosing their spouse, the Government, in this case! The problem is not who will be their husband; it is how they choose him which determines the nature of this binding contract, whether is rotten, acceptable, or good. The main ingredient of a healthy relationship is mutual respect; however, when the "elected" government tries to exert control and power over its electorate, this relationship becomes unhealthy, and rotten. Unlike a domestic abuse where the perpetrator live in confined environment with his victim, witnessing the result of his actions, government's assaults on its people are not only is not felt in Queen's Park, the members of government deny completely existence of such a damages and injuries they caused on people.

Over the last decade or so the Ontario Liberal Government has demonstrated an aggressive and untrustworthy behaviour, refusing to understand, let alone acknowledge, the agony they have caused to the Ontarians, as a result of their dishonest and irresponsible acts such as:

  • engaging in unethical, and in some cases criminal activities such as bribery, with impunity;
  • raising and creating new taxes and fees to pay for their increasing botched up deals;
  • purging incriminating documents and data, using public money;
  • presenting false information with intention of undermining public intelligence;
  • showing hostility toward their critics by passing laws to stifle the freedom of speech;
  • closing all lines of communication between the people and their government;
  • creating more red tapes by passing useless policies, in order to feed their cronies;
  • exhibiting arrogance toward their constituents without any accountability;
  • hiding facts and figures from the public in order to prolong the longevity of their government;
  • discombobulating the three branches of government to covers their tracks;

The recent criminal charges against David Livingston and Laura Miller for deleting government e-mails and documents related to cancellation of two gas-fired power plants, costing tax-payers over one $Billion, are testament to a more serious problem that should concern not just Ontarians, but all Canadians. There are two fundamental problems with this scenario: firstly, why the wheels of justice are so slow when it comes to members of government and elites, and secondly, why former premier Dalton McGuinty's staffs are charged for this crime? Isn't fish rot from the head down?! After all what's good for the goose is good for the gander - if Harper was blamed for Nigel Wright's activities, McGuinty should be responsible for conducts of his chief of staff and deputy chief of staff!

All in all, this is the hallmark of imposed disrespect and control, dictating the populous what to do, in almost every aspect of their lives; that is why many find themselves feeling confused and walking on eggshells, at all times. Yes, Ontarians are the victims in this abusive relationship that sneaked up on them at the Election time, where all of a sudden the Ontario Liberal Party acted quite charming and "nice" in public, attempted to make up for its past mistakes, presented overly sincere apologies and promised they never repeat them again, became complimentary, and threw electorate a bone, in order to get their votes.

Ontarians now a day, exhibit symptoms of insecurity, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, low self-esteem, helplessness, and post traumatic stress disorder, as a result of being the victims of this abusive relationship by the other much more than half, the government. Interestingly enough the abuser in this case, working hard to convince the populous that that what is happening is as a result of victims' fault; for example, increasing the hydro rates exponentially is just because people are polluting the air and/or wasting too much electricity; but it is O.K. to give away $billions of Ontario ratepayers money to neighbouring provinces and the states to dump "overloaded" cheap electricity!

Then, why Ontarians choose to stay in this abusive relationship? Is it because they:

  • are afraid of their government?
  • see no way out?
  • are attached to their abuser?
  • cling to the hope that one day the situation becomes acceptable, if not satisfactory?
  • are economically dependent on their abuser?

In Ontario, "Yours to discover", people can find nothing when it come to their legislative assembly. The opposition members can't do anything to improve the unbearable condition s created by the majority government; Isn't that odd that not even one of these "representatives" has shown a little mojo to introduce a bill for right to recall, allowing citizens to replace undesirable elements who hold pivotal positions in the government when they go beyond their roles and boundaries!

Then why pay for the salaries and perks for almost fifty sitting MPPs in Queen's Park?! We can just have elections and let whichever party that forms a majority government, pass all the abusive laws they want, as they do it now; and have the rest of the MPPs who are not part of the government go home and at least save some money since they are useless in the present system.

Public should realize that there is little hope for this relationship to improve; in spite of voters apathy and contempt for their abuser, government is unwilling to change its behaviour. Unlike ordinary marriages/partnerships between two individuals where an option of separation/divorce is available, in this contract with government, people have no choice but to get the short end of the stick for ever.

Ontarians deserve better than these clandestine treatment!

Press Release
October, 2015


Psychopaths live amongst us and scrounge public and private resources. Our system is designed by rich crooks for the enrichment of rich crooks, at the expense of both taxpayers and those of us who choose to live honest lives.

In a previous issue of Your Ward News I reviewed the signs, symptoms and characteristics of psychopaths like Toronto Mayor John Tory. Although there is no guarantee we can protect ourselves from them, it is prudent for us to learn how to recognize these individuals. A common misconception is that psychopaths are violent individuals who operate only in the upper level of the social hierarchy, such as famous or rather infamous political leaders, powerful capitalists or ruthless army commanders. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Every psychopath belongs to number of communities, starting with their own family, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. We generally fail to identify psychopaths within our community because they are deceitful and manipulative, even amongst themselves, and especially when they are part of our sphere of influence. We neglect to observe psychopathic behaviour of those closest to us, mainly because we are blinded by our emotions, and slaves to our cultures.

Like bacteria and viruses, psychopaths and their counterpart, sociopaths, show their true identity and capabilities when environmental factors provide a suitable medium for them to grow. If the climate changes (and I do not mean "climate change") they automatically cease their activities and go back into hiding (encapsulated), patiently waiting for the next fitting opportunity to come out and grow again. The main sources of support that feed psychopaths and sociopaths in our society are governmental systems, abuse of the law by shysters, and the main culprit, we the people!

Case in point: the death of a young, healthy mother following a routine liposuction procedure in 2007, performed by a GP in a cosmetic clinic in a building in North York. More than four years after the patient lost her life "Prosecution lawyers for Ontario's College of Physicians and Surgeons [CPSO] argue the conduct of a disgraced physician and cosmetic surgeon was so egregious the college should strip her of her medical registration - the most serious penalty in its arsenal." according to the Globe & Mail, August 30, 2011.

What the CPSO fails to admit is that in spite of a deluge of complaints against this "doctor" over the years prior to the death of the patient, they ignored them until there was a corpse to deal with, like police who will not show up until there is blood on the ground!

The doctor was very young when she immigrated to Canada with her parents in 1981. She was practically raised in Toronto and graduated from the University of Ottawa as a family doctor. At first glance one might assume she is a hardworking, smart immigrant, and any doctor could lose a patient. But let us briefly analyze her family dynamics for clues as to her real personality, to see if there are signs that she is a psychopath.

In 1986 her oldest brother arrived in Toronto. She had not seen him for 5 years but managed to behave so badly that he disowned her within weeks of his arrival. Now fast forward 22 years to 2008, just a few months after the death of her patient. A man claiming to be the doctor's husband called the doctor's brother asking for a brief meeting to re-establish a family relationship! They had two 15-20 min. meetings. The doctor's brother was suspicious of her real motive, and declined their offer.

4 years later in May 2012, out of the blue, the brother received a call from the "husband" to inform him that the brother's father died overseas. The husband told the brother that the father had no valid will and no liquid assets, except a condo being disputed by someone claiming to be the common-law wife of the deceased father. The husband said he had no knowledge of any assets in the brother's name. The brother wondered why his estranged sister did not call to pass on the news herself, as she practically begged him to reconnect with her four years earlier.

In June 2014, the doctor's brother received yet another call from the doctor's "husband" requesting a meeting. Later that day they met in a coffee shop. The husband claimed that the deceased father gave him $400,000 while he was alive, instructing him to give $50,000 to the brother in the event of his death. The husband presented ten post-dated cheques of $5,000 each to the brother, two years after the father's death.

Shortly after the meeting, on examining the contents of the envelope, the brother realized all ten cheques were drawn on the doctor's business account. Due to the tax implications of being paid from a business vs. personal account, the brother requested supporting documents which the husband refused to provide. The husband threatened to stop payment on the post-dated cheques. The following day the brother received a threatening email from a lawyer with a document stating that the deceased in fact gave $400,000 to the doctor and not her "husband"!

Obviously the doctor and her "husband" were attempting to defraud the brother, but the brother did not fall for it. The brother was also a doctor by training, and was astute enough to recognize his sister was a psychopath that could not be trusted. She had mutilated multiple patients, killed a woman, and was now caught up in financial fraud. Her "husband" was obviously her psychopathic partner in crime, as like attracts like.

In the last year the doctor's brother contacted police but was told it was not a police matter. He contacted the Canada Revenue Agency and was told they do not release the results of an investigation to the person who filed the complaint. The brother could sue for dishonoured cheques but was told that it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

And here is the icing on the cake: While trying to gather documents from relatives, the brother found out their overseas family property of which he was part owner was sold by his sister in 1996 without his consent or knowledge. Despicably, she declined to wire $2,500 to pay for the burial cost of the very father who gave her $400K as a gift just a few months earlier!

The above story reveals underlying social and civic problems that contribute, and in some cases glamourizing the rise of psychopathic behaviours in our communities; where there is no justice for the poor, crooks become rich, scoundrels get respect, shysters prosper, self-regulated organizations protect their own members, and the list goes on! The system makes it very difficult to prosecute psychopaths. Meanwhile those who tell the truth are labeled with all sorts of names and some authorities are even willing to waste taxpayer's money going after these truth seekers to stifle them.

Which brings us to the original questions: How do we recognize psychopaths and sociopaths living amongst us? How do we stop feeding them? How do we stop our governments from supporting them? And more importantly, how do we resist the temptation to dismiss them, just because they are related by blood, connection, etc., providing the false perception that their behaviour falls within "normal" family dynamics.

We the public constantly complain about our governments' lack of transparency. We are concerned about our elected or appointed officials' hidden agendas taking a toll on our lives. However, when it comes to our own sphere of influence, such as our family members, most of us seem to exhibit behaviours similar to those we receive from our dishonest politicians, opting to protect our friends and relatives!

In order for us to have a better system of social cohesion, efficient government, and healthy communities, we must start by cleaning up our own backyards before demanding others to do the same. Some of us chose to be open and independent of the dictated norms and "political correctness" of the society we live in, and are willing to pay the price for not following the herd's rule. Yours truly has always been, is, and will be one of them!

Did I mention that the doctor in this article is none other than my own estranged sister, and that my father died in Iran, and I am the oldest brother who is the victim? Now is the time for us to stop being in denial of our own families' dirty laundry under the excuse of protecting our loved ones, because if we do not, we will relinquish our right to demand the same of our government.

By proactively thwarting the behaviour of psychopathic family members, we may be able to prevent them from doing harm to others. I have set the example for you by publically sharing my story. A group of psychopaths are both terrorizing Your Ward News and the family of its Editor-In-Chief. It is only a matter of time before there is a dead body. Perhaps family and friends close to those psychopaths can intervene before we reach the point of no return.

Press Release
August, 2015


After whining to Premier Wynne that an unknown vocal cabal was busting his balls about "Your Ward News", Beaches-East York Liberal MPP Arthur Potts got $449,000 of taxpayer money. It will be used to prosecute patriotic citizens opposed to depraved Wynne's immoral anti-family agenda, by teaching police underhanded ways to game "hate speech" laws.

Liberal MPP Arthur Potts was a municipal and provincial lobbyist; so he knows how to manipulate the system. Potts was President of BioWaste Treatment Technologies, which owned the Ontario rights to an Israeli-based technology; so he has no problem doing business with foreigners, especially those representing oppressive regimes (if the price is right).

For quite some time Potts has also been known as one of the biggest schmoozers in the City Hall and Queen's Park. And now Potts is also one of the biggest hypocrites in Ontario.

Livid that Canada Post delivers Your Ward News, he said "as a Crown corporation it should have a HIGHER MORAL COMPASS and not associate its services with such an awful publication." That statement is hypocritical, considering that on the day Potts made it, the very government he is part of stood by their decision to allow school children touring Queen's Park to be exposed to HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY. Let me give you some background.

In 2014, Beaches-East York voters chose Arthur Potts to represent them in the Ontario Legislature. However, 77% of eligible voters and 60% of those who chose to cast ballots, never voted for Mr. Potts. He claims that "many people in East York" are "enraged" about Your Ward News. But he produces no evidence, statistics, polls, etc., on the number or percentage of these so-called "enraged" people!

On July 16, 2015, Mr. Potts, a rookie Liberal MPP, introduced an additional allocation of $449,000 of taxpayer's money toward a left wing, anti-free speech project called "Hate Crime and Extremist Investigative Team" (HCEIT). It has a simple one-page website (www.hceit.ca). A forensic investigation of their domain name reveals that it was registered on February 15, 2004, by the Waterloo Regional Police Service, and was not in use for over a decade. An active web page was first indexed by search engines on May 17, 2014, and has not changed much since then.

After over a decade of being funded by the taxpayers, what exactly has HCEIT done? Their web page is quite cryptic and sparse on information, other than stating it is a cooperative project amongst 15 police departments. It is pretty obvious from our domain investigation that the project was a mothballed dream until it was resurrected a year ago. Since then project leaders have waited for the right "false flag" to pump funding into it. Your Ward News spreading inconvenient political truths appears to be that false flag!

As for the money Potts presented to it, HCEIT says "This grant provides funding to community-based, not-for-profit, incorporated organizations and First Nations' Chiefs and Band Councils to develop and deliver community safety and well-being initiatives." Ironically, Mr. Potts voiced his personal dislike for articles in Your Ward News, which is owned and published by LeRoy St. Germaine, a Métis! $50,000 of the new funding will go to the Ontario Police College to help train new officers to identify hate-related crimes. Is the Ontario Liberal Government trying to recruit and condition young officers to act like members of extremist groups like the ADL and SPLC?

The HCEIT site is linked to an absurdly alarmist Facebook page which features a running feed of "hate crime news" from throughout the world (none from Canada), with posts likely being cherry-picked by some thin-skinned "social justice warrior". They include stories on the Confederate Flag controversy and references to "Nazis" in Donald Trump's campaign ads.

At the time of writing this article, the latest post was a quote reading "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." It was obviously posted by a naïve Pollyanna. The hypocrisy of that quote is that it is attributed to Abraham Lincoln, a man who said during The Great Debates of 1858.

"I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people;"

Reporter J.J. exposed Lincoln by printing that quote in his Confederate Flag article in the last issue of Your Ward News. The question is whether or not Abraham Lincoln's comment above is considered a "hate crime" by Mr. Potts' standards?

Potts made his announcement outside Community Centre 55 in Ward 32. Directing his comments to a few local residents, he said he hopes that "this sends a message to residents that we do take this issue seriously and that resources will be made available . Our community has a long history in standing up against hate crimes and we have no tolerance towards such HEINOUS ACTS. This stance is bolstered by today's announcement that confirms our province's commitment to fight hate crimes and extremism." according to the East York Chronicle, a small local newsmagazine.

"HEINOUS ACTS"? OK, maybe Your Ward News is offensive to some people, but "HEINOUS" means "utterly odious or wicked". Talk about Draconian! If being politically incorrect is "wicked", what do you call someone who assaults or murders a person based on the colour of their skin? Potts appears to be a man suffering from a histrionic personality disorder who has found a way to squirm out of an uncomfortable situation.

If Potts had even a basic knowledge of the law or some common sense, he would tell the handful of locals whining about Your Ward News that it is offensive, but it has not broken the law. The press conference merely gave him an opportunity to throw public money at members of a mysterious left wing cabal to shut them up, while attracting attention to and buying popularity for himself. like a typical vote-pandering Liberal.

And now for Potts' biggest hypocrisy: on the same day that Potts announced funding to fight against Your Ward News' right to free speech, the Wynne government of which he is a part, vehemently defended the public display and sale of HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY at the John B. Aird Gallery at Queen's Park. We have not heard a peep out of Potts regarding this depraved decision. The art display features work by French-Canadian artist Rosalie Maheux.

One work titled "Sacred Circle", which is shaped like a cathedral window, features various slutty women riding and performing oral sex on well-endowed penises, thereby subliminally implanting sexual imagery into a religious context. You can see it at www.rosaliehmaheux.tumblr.com.

After the Conservative opposition at Queen's Park exposed the scandal (pardon the pun), a public outcry ensued. Subsequently, a sign reading "The Exhibit contains images intended for a mature audience" was posted at the exhibit. But children are still allowed in! We tried contacting the gallery for clarification, but their phone number is now conveniently out of service.

The Wynne government's position is that it is acceptable to publically display HARDCORE PORN in areas where school children may view it. Based on Premier Wynne's dedication to using sex education to groom kids while they are very young for unknown purposes, it is no surprise that the Wynne government and the rest of the Liberal MPP's including Mr. Potts, support flashing pornographic images to children so as to instruct them on the art of performing sex. The double standard is that if any one of us brought a child into a sex shop, WE WOULD BE ARRESTED ON THE SPOT ALONG WITH THE SHOP OWNER!

If anything, we the people, citizens, Ontarians, Canadians, should be the ones "enraged" about nearly half a million dollars of our tax money being wasted above and beyond what has already been spent on HCEIT. But here is the icing on the cake: Liberals are using large sums of public resources to utilize the police to stifle free speech, without any form of public consultation; not even a simple petition! Or maybe they are using Your Ward News as an excuse to funnel funds to their own cronies and/or sinister and secret projects. You know, like a kind of legal racketeering! I am just saying.

Over the last decade or so, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" has been the M.O. of the Ontario Liberal Party; and by that I mean that they start to complain about others, pointing fingers, exaggerating the situation, blaming someone or something else, whenever they want to empty the public purse; before, during, and after their provocations.

This time is no different from other times; according to alarmist Mr. Potts, an unknown small local newspaper on a shoe-string budget has become such a burden on society that the taxpayers of Ontario must cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars to stifle its publication, simply because its articles and writing style are not to Mr. Potts' taste! Not to mention his complete disregard for the law and The Canadian Charter of Rights. It is fascism at its finest, funded with taxpayer's money.

Website www.hceit.ca states that "Prevention Through the Promotion of Mental Health was selected as the theme for the 2014/15 - 2015/16 Safer and Vital Communities (SVC) Grant." It would probably be beneficial for Ontario Liberal Government members to pay close attention to the details of the projects that they support, and practice what they preach, by promoting their own mental health!

Press Release
June, 2015


The majority of voters compulsively and repeatedly vote for psychopaths. Is it pure ignorance or merely the law of attraction?

There is extremely tough competition amongst members of the mainstream political parties to get ahead, become party leader, and eventually head of government. Like sperm swimming fast against one other, in the end only one penetrates the egg! Paradoxically, after all the hard work the winner put in, once he obtains power he behaves like a moron and bamboozles the very people who elected him and are now paying for his lavish lifestyle.

Why? Is it because power corrupts? Or is it because corrupt individuals want power at any price? The answer lies in focusing on who these people are and what common personality traits they possess. Firstly, we must identify their primary objectives and goals, and whether or not they behave as a reasonable person would in various circumstances.

They are undoubtedly smart or they would not have gotten where they are. However, are they intelligent enough to comprehend the ramifications of the public policies they push for?! And if they are, do they give a damn about the consequences of their actions, which affect millions of citizens?! Reading peoples' minds is impossible, but by observing their behaviour we can interpret a lot about their personalities and to some extent, their intentions.

Do these "leaders" .

  • Want to get rich?
  • Despise the public?
  • Seek power for the sake of power?
  • Serve their masters behind the scenes?
  • Crave affection or rock star recognition?
  • Want to compensate for their shortcomings?
  • Believe they know better than everybody else?

An ordinary citizen must obtain some sort of education and/or skills and gain experience in his field, in order to have acceptable, if not impressive credentials to apply for a job; he must submit his resume to prospective employers, pass personality exams, and partake in multiple interviews before getting hired.

Why haven't we, as an advanced society, developed a similar system to examine the qualifications of our "leaders"? Why don't we, as taxpayers, demand certain tests, such as basic independent psychological evaluations, to ascertain the mental stability of these individuals before giving them the power to decide our destiny?!

For example, let us consider newly elected "Mayor" John Tory. One can clearly see a drastic change in his direction and behaviour over time. When he kicked off his campaign he was a questionable candidate due to his past conduct. His skeletons included .

  • Contribution to the demise of federal Conservative Party in 1993,
  • Involvement with Charter Communications' shady practices, which led to its bankruptcy,
  • Introducing "The White Papers" while enjoying the ride as the leader of the Ontario PC Party, just before the 2007 Ontario general election (that fiasco led to the Liberals' second majority government in Ontario, and him losing his seat to Kathleen Wynne).

Anyone with a sound mind would ask why people would vote for such an inept person amongst 60 plus candidates! How could he get away with such chronically poor job performance in so many cases? It's simple. He received lots of money from certain benefactors with deep pockets. Unelected individuals and industries provided him unlimited access to the mainstream media. Mr. Tory swore allegiance to his past employers, in order to broadcast baseless ideas, along with a big basket of empty promises. And let's not forget the main ingredients of his success: A large number of uninformed voters and a low voter turnout, of course!

Ironically our legal system uses public resources to deal seriously with those who break the law and leave behind one or a few victims; however, there is little or no consequence for unsuitable and/or incompetent "leaders" who leave thousands, and even millions of victims behind as a result of their bad judgement, and because of the impact of certain decisions made by these public officials on behalf of their constituents. Where is justice when you need it most?!

Here is the icing on the cake: people like John Tory, Kathleen Wynne, etc., will always land much better jobs, top positions, with much less responsibility, and much more money and perks, after they are out of the office. Shocking, isn't it?!

Those who would promise something they know they can't deliver are either stupid or deceptive! John Tory introduced his "code of conduct" to the voters, months before Election Day, claiming he will:

  • "Respect and defend our laws, not break them." Is he suggesting that people should expect to have crooks and criminals running for public office?
  • "Keep an open schedule, which is easily accessible to the public." Isn't availability to the constituents part of the Mayor's job?
  • "Conduct press availabilities, at least once a week." Is he doing us a favour by using taxpayers' money and public resources to promote himself?
  • "Use City resources exclusively for City business, and tightening spending rules." Apparently the operative word is "EXCLUSIVE"--he increased the mayor's office budget by more than $325,000!
  • "Introduce real penalties for city staff members who abuse their positions of power." Is he going to impose "Real Penalties" for the "elected" members who betray their constituents? Why does he leave them out?
  • "Force all lobbyists to register, in order to level the playing field for union lobbying." However, he can hand-pick companies such as The group of 13, and pre-select consultant teams, giving them millions of dollars to study issues that he promised to while he was campaigning for office! Not to mention the involvement of his sons in questionable projects, such as Live Nation and Billy Bishop airport, with the possibility of conflicts of interest!
  • "Work to build relationships with neighbouring municipalities and other levels of government." Has he been isolating himself?
  • And then there's the list of bogus and useless comment items, such as .
  • "Mend relationships and build bridges within a divided city council"
  • "Not have an enemies list." He said he will use the office to work with people, not to "carry on old fights".
  • "Treat city staff professionally and with courtesy", suggesting that he is better than past Toronto mayors who were unprofessional and did not do their job;
  • And he is going to clean up city hall! Like we haven't heard this one before!

Interestingly enough there is no mention of taxpayers, citizens, constituents, voters, or people in general, in any of the items on the list; it is very clear that John Tory exhibits extreme narcissistic personality traits, and those traits have expressed themselves more prominently since he was elected Mayor of Metropolitan Toronto. It is as if he was fighting to suppress these traits until penetrating the municipal egg.

All of Mayor Tory's signs and symptoms are very similar to those of a psychopath. Even though the mainstream media does its best to camouflage his actions, the evidence is there in plain sight for the public to examine. Then why do voters keep electing psychopaths? Is it because voters are in denial or simply like to have deceptive creatures manage their lives? It seems to me that the public, collectively and not individually, practices masochistic behaviour, by giving mandates to maniac "Leaders" to shaft them continuously!

In future articles, we will explore, philosophically, how some societies come to be ruled by psychopaths.

Press Release
October 6, 2011

    Give and take is fair play!

TORONTO - When it comes to the provincial election, what has happened in Ontario, in the last 30 days, illustrates that the mainstream parties hold this cynical view: “Rules, like promises and pie crusts, are made to be broken.”
The good news is that we have a fixed election date in Ontario. Keep your fingers crossed, and we will not witness such a disgrace and disappointment for another four years.

There are 21 registered parties in Ontario, of which one third have been registered recently, and there are over 650 candidates running for 107 seats in Queen’s Park. What we have witnessed recently is a total embarrassment for the free world; only the mainstream Liberals-Conservative-NDP have received a voice, and all they have accomplished is to give democracy a bad name.

Democracy comes from the Greek, demos "people" and kratos "power",and it means "rule of the people". However, what just has happened in Ontario is nothing but Monecracy, if I may coin a new word, emanating from kratos and moneta, "money". These three amigos of Monecracy started their campaign just after the last election in 2007, and they have raised needed funds, recruited and trained candidates, and made connection with their affiliated media.

At election time they already have their staff and members in the strategic places, signs and advertisement materials are printed, commercials are produced and broadcasted months before the writ is dropped, interviews are scheduled, questions and answers are planned, prepared, and practiced to perfection, statistics and the demography of each riding is scientifically mapped and uploaded into their databases, volunteers have received their notices of draft, and all that is left is for them to do is have fun, spend money, and have a blast. It’s ”party time.”

In contrast, for those limited number of concerned citizens, candidates who are independent, or from up-start or fringe parties, who genuinely try to restore basic Democracy and mitigate the existing Monecracy, a futile attempt at best, it is a different story. They must first learn the rules of Elections Ontario, then collect a number of voters’ signatures, and find both a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and an auditor to complete their application for nomination, in a period of eight days.

After their nomination they must beg their friends and relatives to help them (which is unlikely) write down what they have in their minds, squeeze a few bucks to make few photocopies, knock on doors, explain to the cynical electorate what they are all about, try unsuccessfully to participate in their so-called “All Candidates Debate,” and make sure to follow the rule of law.

When it comes to that law, I guess “what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander.”According to the Elections Finance Act, it is prohibited to publish, broadcast, or transmit political advertising during the blackout period on Election Day and the day before the election. Last night, when that advertising restrictions and blackout period was in effect, I saw an older gentleman with his bicycle walking around my neighbourhood around 8PM distributing flyers of the incumbent NDP MPP, Mr. Peter Tabuns, door to door. To my disbelief when I came down from my apartment with my camera to take a picture of him, I saw another middle aged gentleman doing the same on behalf of Mrs. Rita Jethi, the Conservative candidate in the Toronto-Danforth riding, and later I saw her and couple of other gentlemen doing the same, a few blocks away. Although I reported both incidents to the District Riding Officer in person a few minutes later, it seemed that nothing could be done at that time.

Not only do these mainstream parties’ candidates break the law, they also contradict what they claim they stand for. The NDP, which advocates fairness and justice, breaks the rules shamelessly and takes credit for actions that they never perform. For example, Mrs. Cathy Crowe, who is running in Toronto-Centre, appeared on the Goldhawk show on September 26th, and compared Mr. Peter Tabuns with Mr. David Suzuki when she said “up there with Suzuki in Canada” with regard to his environmental awareness, and yet one cannot miss the sea of plastic signs that have covered the entire riding for the last month, or the frequency of the glossy colour pamphlets that were delivered into more than 44,000 households in the area.

The other two amigos are not better either. The Conservatives claim to be tough on crime and portray themselves as the moral compass of society, and yet their very own candidate and her bodies are crawling in the dark to distribute their campaign flyers, when it has conspicuously been communicated not to do so. And yet, we blame games, movies, and TV programmes for misbehaviour of the younger generation whereas these so-called righteous members of mainstream parties lead these young minds by their own example?

Last month, the campaign of these three amigos turned the whole process of democracy into a farce, and a mockery of taxpayers. It feels like their candidates are being selected and coached based on the high school system, especially when it comes to the one who runs government.

At the top there are a few “Seniors” who know for sure that their ridings are solid. This group usually consists of cabinet ministers who have been given the means to take care of their ridings because of the posts they hold, and the power they have been given, by the party leader, I might add.

The second tier are “Juniors” who, I believe, are in the recycle system of the party, placed logistically as needed, mainly because they have a connection to a specific group of people who predominate in a specific riding. “Juniors” are usually like travelling snake oil salespersons.

“Sophomores” are the third group, which I call the “maybe” pile, and these individual are positioned in the areas where they do not have anyone from the first two categories to place. Usually these individuals have limited experience and are given an opportunity to prove themselves and climb the ladder in their party, and the party executives treat them as a gambling bet, after estimating the odds, of course.

The last group consists of “Freshmen” who become candidates for the ridings that their party has the least hope of winning. The majority of this bunch have no political or campaign experience and this is a chance for them to wet their feet for the first time and learn the game. These rookies usually carry a binder and engage in questions and answers, using the notes that have been provided to them. They can easily be identified since their own party doesn’t bother to give them minimal basic training. Their performance, however, is closely evaluated by their chaperones.

Now here we are, in the 2011 Ontario General Election: a lot has happened and nothing has changed. The voters are going to the polls today and one of these amigos will be elected for the next four years and all that they have preached will be erased from the public’s mind. People are busy preparing for the upcoming long weekend and the Thanksgiving Monday and starting Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011, the planning for the 2015 election will commence by these three mainstream parties, using the taxpayers’ resources. As for the electorate, they will go back to their routine of complaining about politicians and their empty promises. But are these complaints justified ? After all, “fair exchange is no robbery.”

Press Release
September 2011

    When it comes to politics in Ontario, nice guys finish last; and specially in local candidates debates.

In the last five days, three debates have been organized in the riding of Toronto-Centre by The North of Bloor Ratepayers' Associations, The Greater Yorkville Residents' Association, and The Ontario Public School Boards' Association, and I have not received any invitation to participate, nor a notification from them to attend. And yet all mainstream Parties, Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, and even Green Party candidates had the opportunity to reiterate their Parties' platform.

This issue is not an isolated case for Toronto-Centre and is unfortunately an epidemic practice across Ontario; fringe Parties' candidates and Independents are not invited to the local "All candidates debates."

Another Canadians' Choice Party's candidate found out about a local debate that was organized by the Ontario Public School Boards' Association, just a couple of hours before the start of the event through online search. By then, it was too late to reach the organizers, and as a result he just sat there in the audience to hear what they had to say, although there was nothing useful!

Just last week one of our candidates attended an all candidates debate hosted by the St. Catharines/Thorold Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, September 15th. Upon arrival, he was informed that the organizers had made a decision to allow only those candidates whose party recieved two percent of the popular vote in the last provincial election to participate in this debate, and to exclude all other candidates.

Our candidate, Mr. Radick, who is a member of St. Catharines/Thorold Chamber of Commerce, stood up and asked the Chamber president to respect the rights of all candidates, and demanded to be heard by his constituents. Not only was Mr. Radick escorted out of the debate, but he was also accused by supporters of the mainstream parties of pulling a publicity stunt.

To add insult to injury, when reporters from the local media published this story in the front page of the St. Catharines Standard on Friday, September 23, Fringe candidates removed from election debate , Stcaths.ca St Catharines Candidates Debate Follows Dramatic Opener, and Niagara This Week Candidates square off at chamber debate Pre-start interruption by uninvited candidates , Mr. Radick got some flack from some of the mainstream parties, that it was grossly unfair that he has received thousands of dollars of free advertising.

And here is the kicker: just two days prior to his exclusion by the Chamber, Mr. Radick was invited by Cogeco Niagara, the local cable company, to a televised debate at Laura Secord Secondary School, for which he recieved a substantial amount of positive feedback for his courage and conviction.

And yet all other candidates, whether independent, or from up-start or fringe Parties, with a fresh perspective, who are ready and willing to work hard to participate in the process of direct and dynamic democracy, are being denied by just few individuals, to exercise their rights. And as a consequence, their constituents deprive from being exposed to new talents, visions, ideas, abilities, and even genuine commitment of these disenfranchised candidates.

In Ontario, we can go to almost any supermarket and find over two dozen brands of cereals to choose from, and yet when it comes to our citizens' daily life and their destiny, voters are being deprived by the few choices available to them.

It is no wonder that in the 2007 Ontario election only 53% of Ontarians cast their votes, and the resulting 107 elected MPPs represent only 25% of the eligible voters for the last 4 years. I guess the only way to have all candidates' voices heard is to become proactive ourselves in organizing local debates, such as: Toronto-Danforth All Candidates Debate.

Press Release
August 26, 2011

    The Best of Two Worlds, A New Playground For Independent Candidates To Challenge Useless Career Politicians Under A Brand Name.

TORONTO - A Brand New Alternative For People Who Have Had Enough Of The Bickering In Mainstream Political Parties.

Political Parties in Ontario fall into two main categories: mainstream and fringe parties. Regardless of the parties’ sizes, they follow one common dominator, they have their own policies. At election time all they do is force feed the public with their agendas, and in the case of the mainstream parties, they exaggerate and even lie to get their votes. In the last couple of decades we have witnessed that these career politicians shed light on just a few sensitive issues at election time, to invoke the public’s emotions temporarily, just enough to last a few weeks of the so-called campaign. In other words, the mainstream parties dictate what the citizen’s issues are or should be.” said Bahman Yazdanfar, founder of the Canadians' Choice Party.

Yazdanfar continued, “The decrease in the number of voters in recent years demonstrates dissatisfaction and mistrust by the public of the government and the way it is being run. In 2007 the Ontario Liberal Party formed its government based on the 42% of those who cast their vote, but in fact this translates to only 22% of eligible voters in Ontario, and a mere 14% of the population in this province. In addition we bring to the count a certain percentage of the voters who cast their votes based on the party’s brand and not their local candidates, not to mention those who vote for one mainstream party over the other based on spite. Then the question is whether a government that is elected by 22% of the eligible voters can and will protect the interests of the other 78%.”

Yazdanfar added, “The non-voters are the ones who feel, and rightfully so, that politicians treat them unfairly, see the election process as a total waste of their tax money, have no hope for a better future, and are sick and tired of unfounded promises that are given to them at election time. My advice to these non-voters, who pride themselves on their decisions, is to vote for their Independent Candidate. “Why?” do you ask. Because as long as we vote for those who are not part of the suffering population, and who are politicians and members of the aristocratic oligarchy, we give them the permission to work for their party leaders, non-delegated industrialists, union bosses, and special groups; and simply waive our rights to demand answers from them.“

Yazdanfar continued, “The election process has become a boxing match between a few mainstream political party leaders, and the voters are just spectators, instead of being the driving force. Just shy of 48% of Ontarians did not vote in the last provincial election in Ontario. Although many of these citizens want to vote for alternative candidates, they feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand they do not trust mainstream political parties, and on the other hand they feel that their independent candidates will not be able to represent them, even if they have been elected.”

Yazdanfar emphasized, “After rethinking connections between established ideas, and re-combining them in an entirely new way, implementing an unconventional and outside-the-box thinking approach, the Canadians' Choice Party was conceptualized. This is to cater to citizens and candidates who are not affiliated with any mainstream political parties, without imposing any agenda, hidden or otherwise, on the public; the best of two worlds and the first of its kind in Ontario and Canada. Candidates can bring their individual resources, share their experiences and their constituents’ issues, run under one brand, and not be subjected to private agendas of a few individuals, elected and unelected!”

Yazdanfar added, “Poverty, poor social services, and health care, are the main issues that have to be tackled at once. These are merely the signs and symptoms of the disease of unemployment and disparity. Unemployment is a result of the sluggish economy in recent years, and inadequate government policies and laws that favour some above others have led to widespread disparity across Ontario. These diseases have been neglected by governments, Liberal and Conservative, in the last two decades. Concerned individuals who have high levels of values and respect for their communities and neighbourhoods employ their skills and techniques to analyze the present environment, to understand public needs, and to apply faith in principles, in order to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities and to keep themselves motivated to help their constituents.”

Yazdanfar continued, “Instead of using our resources, human and natural, for needed social services, our government pays a big chunk of its revenue to the private banks to cover interest on the money it borrows. Ontarians are paying over $55-million per day in interest on the provincial debt alone, which affects needed public services such as health care, affordable housing and needed support services, to name a few. And as a result we will only impoverish ourselves and our children, our grandchildren and their children’s children, if we don’t take action at this time.”

Yazdanfar added, “If and when concerned candidates get hired by their constituents, they will have the ability to promote participation of citizens to oversee, investigate, and to hold the MPP's accountable for their actions or lack thereof. Under the Canadians' Choice Party brand, they have leverage to assure budgets reflect their constituency, reduce poverty, and increase the electorate voters’ quality of life, without being dictated by a specific and pre-designed platform.”

Yazdanfar continued, “The Canadians' Choice Party’s long term vision for Ontario focuses on two fronts. First, community activities, facilitating access to basic necessities to elevate social cohesion and interaction, reduce policing by supervising and educating youths. Secondly, to create a fair playing field for candidates to connect with their constituents, so voters can vote based on the merit of their candidates, and not based on the name of the party. Constituents call for bi-elections, if their elected MPs do not deliver what they promised or act differently than when they were campaigning for office.”

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