A bottom-up approach to engage citizens!

The four pillars of the Canadians' Choice Party are:

  • Fiscal responsibility and respect for taxpayers,
  • Individual freedom and the right to free speech,
  • Sovereignty and protection of common-law rights,
  • Transparency and accountability in government.

Citizens Trump Party Policy


When it comes to issues that candidates see as important to Ontarians, or that they are confronted with by electors, some prefer to come up with resolutions to the issues independently. However, this can be difficult, as needs and views vary from person to person and from region to region. The Canadians' Choice Party provides opportunities to discuss and analyze issues with other independent candidates and this helps some candidates to make better decisions and provide better responses to electors.

Ontario’s political landscape is constantly changing due to its diverse population. Voters in Ontario more than ever are questioning authorities, and are less satisfied with the answers they are getting from them. It is evident that the old fashioned left or right system is losing ground and the electorate are looking for a drastic change to better their lives.

Constituents of a riding, and their elected Member of Provincial Parliament, understand their own issues better than everybody else. However, we have witnessed that, for candidates from the mainstream political Parties, the policies of their Party trump the interests of their electorate after they are elected.

But ultimately, the voters, the people who pay for everything through their hard work and taxes, have the final say. We at the Canadians' Choice Party take the issues of Ontarians seriously and respect the knowledge and input of the Independent Candidates, who devote a lot of time to understanding those issues in their ridings.

In a celebrity-oriented society such as ours, identities of those who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of society are seldom revealed. The true freedom seekers are never given the chance to present themselves, let alone to serve their citizens.

Democracy has been hijacked by the power of market forces, and as a result talented individuals who are willing to move our society forward are constantly neglected by the media. The Canadians' Choice Party invites candidates from each of Ontario’s 107 ridings to gather together under one umbrella, and enable each other to serve their constituents, without being subject to hidden Party agendas.

Raising the bar on direct dynamic democracy.


As long as people vote for a few main stream parties, they will never receive true representation at Queen's Park, since these MPPs take their orders from their party leader. Our aim focuses on "Direct Democracy" and proper representation of the citizens by those individuals who are truly concerned about their constituents.

When it comes to the citizens, one size doesn’t fit all! Ontario is made up of a large number of ridings, people with differing, often conflicting, interests and members of different political parties.

Where we take a stand on any given issue, it is in the direct interests of the constituents' expressed desire, with a dynamic platform which will continually change as our democratic rights and responsibilities increase between elections.

The mandate of this party is to help Independent Candidates across Ontario to better represent their ridings and to bring a fair measure of direct democracy to all Ontarians and Canadians.

Recall and Referendum


We strongly believe that voters have the right to "recall," when their representative fails to do what he or she has been elected to do. We also support the use of polls for public policy to allow taxpayers more "control" or "input" over their own destiny.

"What the people need, they should get."

Isn't the idea of a Party of Independents a bit of an oxymoron?


Although there isn’t always a common ground among Independents, their "spirit" is our prime focus, and the Canadians' Choice Party is created to support those same objectives, enabling them to share resources, ideas, experiences, Official Agents, Auditors, advertising, etc., under a common brand.

These Candidates will have more campaign time to get involved with their constituents in their own riding, representing the interests of their electorate, while having an opportunity to get party benefits, and this would benefit all.

After all, the most important common ground among Ontarians is democracy itself, based on the rule of law, which has to be protected. Therefore, a seat representing electors in Queen’s Park should be occupied by an individual who is an ambassador of his or her constituents, one who protects the rights of people who elected him or her, and not the party.

The local electorate is now beginning to see the benefits of having a representative who is not bound by party rules and regulations, because Independent Candidates act on their true concerns. A Party governing Independents may be an oxymoron, but a party enabling Independents to use their time, energy and money more efficiently makes sense. This is an innovative concept and most likely the first of its kind in Canada.

Whom do you need to get help from?
You are looking for an MPP who:

  • Helps you to resolve local issues.
  • Gives a good return on your tax money.
  • Pays attention to what is happening in your riding.
  • Has some of the attributes that make a representative effective.
  • Discovers alternative solutions to what is most important to you.
  • Finds out whether you are willing and able to make new changes.

Do voters get what they deserve?
Or do they just get what they get?
Is there anything they can do about it?


Each and every one In Canadians' Choice Party brings priceless experience to the table, and more talents are needed to take off this project, since it is in an infancy stage, we expect to spend more time and effort on the foundation of the Party and its key players for better results in the near future.

The Canadians' Choice Party is the place for people, from all walks of life, to invent something new, having opportunities to collaborate with each other to plan their campaign and build momentum. Our focus is mainly on the concept of participation of independent candidates, across Ontario, for a better representation in Queens Park.

Mainstream political Parties influence the public by saturating the airwaves and media with their generous advertising budgets, which diminishes fair competition for Independent Candidates. To overcome this challenge, the Canadians' Choice Party brings these courageous individuals together to manage their limited resources, exposing their messages widely, through the effective use of the Internet and less expensive media.

The Canadians' Choice Party does not let big corporate bosses or union bosses brand us, nor does it allow them to look over our shoulders in a public "show of hands" vote. We understand that these unelected individuals cannot and will not challenge our Party, because to do so would be to challenge the publics’ demand for better democracy.

The only rules and regulations they have to abide by are commitment to the core belief of serving their own constituents and the administrative aspect of the Party. Let the voters, the people who pay for everything through their hard work and taxes, rule over us, no matter how "correct" we believe our opinions to be.

Voting Rights

Voting rights

The Canadians' Choice Party structure is based on classes of shares and the like. The three classes of members would be:

  • Those who are members of the Party Executive. President, and any other offices that need to be filled.
  • Candidates in a riding.
  • Those who wish to join the Party.

Class A and Class B members can vote on matters of Party Policy and/OR the Party Constitution, etc.
Class C cannot vote on matters of Party Policy and/OR the Party Constitution, etc.; however, they can vote on whom to nominate as a candidate in the riding in which they reside, and support, lobby, and influence their chosen candidates to vote one way or another. Thus, both they and all provincial voters will be the dominant voters and determiners of party policy in election campaigns.
Some members can have more than one vote!

This structure has been designed to protect the basic principles of the Canadians' Choice Party, to prevent a Party Takeover, and to ensure that the Party is driven by the candidates and cannot be hijacked.
This way we avoid the problems of people being bossed in to vote for a leader or this or that.
There will be a core group of a hundred to a few hundreds who can vote on general Party issues (including a leader).

Requirements and Membership Policies to Run as a Candidate of the Canadians' Choice Party:

  • Responsibility first to the riding they represent when they become MPP.
  • Commitment to stay in the Canadians' Choice Party for the entire mandate once elected.
  • No crossing the floor.


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