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Contribution to small parties and Independents is a much cheaper way to keep our freedom and the democracy that we are all proud of alive and intact, than spending billions of dollars fighting for it abroad! Unlike the mainstream parties that possess the luxury of having huge capital, and army of volunteers to run campaigns for them, the most important resources small parties and Independents have are their conviction, knowledge, experience and the support of their families, friends, and communities.

Make A Tax Deductible Donation.

  Please consider donating the maximum they allow you per year and help us bring real democracy back to Ontario. We are committed to helping Ontarians realize their goal, and we need Ontarians to maximize our ability to achieve it.
  Starting January 1, 2017, Corporations, businesses, and trade unions are not allowed to contribute. The individual contribution limit is as follows:
Time Frame To a Candidate To a Provincial Party To a Constituency Association
During a year (Annual Limit)
Not permitted ($0) $1,222 $1,222
During an Election (Campaign Period) $1,222 No extra amount over the annual limit No extra amount over the annual limit


  Revenue Canada allows up to a 75% tax credit on your Personal Income Tax Return, for donations to a registered political party in Ontario. Here are Revenue Canada's sliding-scale tax credits:
  To obtain the maximum tax credit of $710.75, you need to contribute a total amount of $1,222.
Contribution Amount Corresponding Tax Credit Maximum Credit
Up to $399 75% of contribution $299.25
$400to $1,222 $299.25, plus 50% of contribution exceeding $399 $710.75

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