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Run As A Candidate

We promote a form of democracy where elected MPPs work for their constituents and NOT for the Party Leader. As such, the Canadians' Choice Party is a natural for Independents who, by definition, are not beholden to Party Leaders and rigid "top down" party policies, and are the only ones who by definition work for the voters and not for the established parties.

Democracy has been hijacked by the power of market forces, and as a result talented individuals who are willing to move our society forward are constantly neglected by the media. The Canadians' Choice Party invites independent-thinking candidates from each of Ontario's 124 ridings to join this party and run as candidates for their ridings in upcoming elections.

Ontarians need fresh breed of representatives! This is a good opportunity to gather together under one umbrella, and enable each other to serve and accommodate constituents with true and direct representation, without being subject to hidden Party agendas. This is not just another political party; it is a chain free grassroots movement!

Let's focus on what people want:
  • someone who doesn't have any attachment to any interest group.
  • a local person to work within the community on the issues that affect local people.
  • a supporter of small and medium sized, locally-owned businesses, to keep the community's wealth circulating within the community.
  • someone to push for tax breaks and support for local businesses, in order create employment locally and promote greater self-reliance.
  • to take back your democracy and you want an MP who works for you and doesn't have to answer to anybody but you.
  • your MP to stand where you stand, and not to offer and follow his or her own agenda.
  • a person of action to ensure you are represented properly in the parliament of Canada.
  • a person whose vote counts in Queen's Park and can get you more leverage to do things locally, without being at the mercy of the party leader to pass a bill.

Independents have three choices: continue solo, join main stream political parties, or be part of a bottom-up political party where they can get help by sharing common resources. Canadians' Choice Party is an alternative that caters the latter group; a medium to help them constructively share their ideas, thoughts, challenges, and solutions to the issues that matter to their ridings, in order to maximize their effectiveness at election time.

Please send us an email to Candidate@CanadiansChoice.com

Candidate Memorandum of Understanding The process is easier than one might think. Please click on the image at the beginning of this paragraph; print, review, initial all pages, sign, and E-mail the Candidate Memorandum of Understanding to us along with your complete contact information. Then you will complete a Candidate Nomination (F0400) form to be sent to Elections Ontario for approval. At the present the Leader of the party assumes the role of CFO for those applicants who have difficulty to find one (some conditions apply), and utilizes the party's auditor to expedite the process.

Become A Volunteer

Participation of individuals like you in the democratic process makes us, Canadians, who we are. We understand that there is little chance for small party candidates to be elected; we also understand that you might be loyal to one of the mainstream parties; the question is that how the present system is working for you?

Although we might have a difference of opinion in certain areas, we are certain that all of us agree that our tax money is being wasted by the present regime in Ontario. We need your personal contribution to help the campaign of removing present corrupt government from the power move forward.

Some of the areas that your help can change the direction of the province:
Answering inquiries, Calling constituents, Canvassing riding, Distributing information, Working in an Office, Bookkeeping, Installing signage, supervising a crew, Programming and marinating computers, participating and managing the social media, etc.

The time is now to step up and claim your ownership of your seat in the parliament. Your help is needed to take on useless politicians, the party policy makers, union bosses, special interest groups, and unelected corporate advisors that are dedicated to their own pockets, instead of the public interest.

Please send us an email to Electorate@CanadiansChoice.com

8 Myths About Non-Voters!
  • Why should I waste my vote?
  • Voting is a waste of my valuable time!
  • The election process is a total waste of tax-payers' money!
  • I don't see any useful outcome as a result of my participation!
  • There is no hope for a better future either for myself or my children!
  • I don't want to be responsible for the wrongdoings of the elected members!
  • I am sick and tired of unfounded promises that are given to me at election time!
  • I dislike or even in some cases hate the way politicians behave and feel they treat me unfairly.

Every vote counts. Ontario's political landscape is constantly changing due to its diverse population. Voters in Ontario more than ever are questioning authorities, and are less satisfied with the answers they are getting from them. It is evident that the old fashioned left or right system is losing ground and the electorate are looking for a drastic change to better their lives.

Constituents of a riding, and their elected Member of Provincial Parliament, understand their own issues better than everybody else. However, we have witnessed that, for candidates from the mainstream political Parties, the policies of their Party trump the interests of their electorate after they are elected.

But ultimately, the voters, the people who pay for everything through their hard work and taxes, have the final say. If you want someone who:
  • will represent whatever you believe and never say it's not quite as possible as your government dictates;
  • always willing to fight for you, at any time, for as long as and wherever you want;
  • will never obey a party leader, doesn't care about cheap politics, and can stand next to you as you move on;
  • is content to get your vote just to protect your interests and whom you can recall if the job isn't done;
  • never criticizes what you do, doesn't discriminate, who listens to every worthy word you say, and defends your rights unconditionally, persistently, consistently.

Exercise your right and get inspired. Then cast your vote for a candidate who works for you and your interests. Elect a candidate who is part of the suffering population and is neither a career politician nor a member of the aristocratic oligarchy.

Make A Suggestion

In a celebrity-oriented society such as ours, identities of those who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of society are seldom revealed. The true freedom seekers are never given the chance to present themselves, let alone to serve their citizens.

Canadians' Choice Party is the place to be for true freedom seekers, who are willing to communicate important issues in advance, harvesting a beneficial result and laying out a blueprint for practical solutions, policies, and action plans for a better government to work with and for people.

There is a lot of work to be done, when it comes to the issues that are important to Ontarians, whose needs and views vary from region to region. The way this is being done with a group of citizens without losing interest, and their independence, is that we pay attention to all "issue" enquiries by Ontarians by providing an environment for the people to ultimately decide on the solutions.

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