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  1. To form an alliance of like-minded people, and groups, large enough to exert irresistible pressure on an out-of-control, Ontario government. The express goal of the alliance is to bring about responsible, legislative change in all areas, including electrical power production and distribution, by using the weight and resources of large numbers.
  2. To build a grassroots foundation, utilizing Social Media advocates to communicate primarily with rural residents-but not to the exclusion of supporting urban populations.
  3. To inform and educate people about their property rights and common rights, and how to leverage their influence using the legal process and modern technology.
  4. To engage, train, and support community leaders who will recruit memberships from their local populations.
  5. To resist and stop the current, oppressive regime from violating the rights and freedoms of the individual.
  6. To revive whatever is left of the right to free speech and stop the advancement of the far left agenda.
  7. To gather massive numbers of people who, in a concerted effort, can exert irresistible demands for transparency and accountability upon the government.


    By utilizing tools available under the law for the registered Constituency Associations with Elections Ontario, a local association can:
  1. Collect donations to help them to offset the expenses needed to bring real democracy back to Ontario. Donors will take advantage of a tax credit, up to 75% on the first $400 from the Revenue Canada.
  2. Nominate an individual to run as a candidate for the party. That candidate can engage in the local debates to address issues and disseminate pertinent information to the public. Often, mainstream party candidates will not discuss issues that would expose the failings of their respective parties.
  3. Recruit volunteers to help in expanding and expediting awareness within the respective riding.
  4. Take advantage of media exposure where it is available.
  5. Enjoy the freedom of independence while receiving central support from the Party's headquarters when it needs help in regards to the rules and policies pertaining to the Elections Act and the Elections Finance Act of Ontario, administration, training, etc.


The Canadians' Choice Party operates as a 'bottom-up' organizational structure. This approach has a significant competitive advantage over other parties-fringe and mainstream-and it provides complete freedom to attract wide support, including special interest groups.

Those who are willing to help with setting up Constituency Associations across Ontario are invited to pursue matters and concerns that are relevant to the respective ridings.

The aim is to register 122 (after the recent redistribution of the riding maps) Constituency Associations in time for the next general election.

Those who have no difficulty in answering the following questions are most likely to fit the bill:

  1. What is your motivation for operating and managing a Constituency Association?
  2. Which values guide your actions day-to-day?
  3. How does your work experience/education prepare you for the duties you wish to assume?
  4. What makes you the ideal candidate to represent the people of your riding?
  5. What is the most pressing problem the people in your riding face and what specific action will you take to address it?
  6. What is Ontario's most pressing problem and what specific action will you take to address it?

Memorandum of Understanding The process is easy! Please click on the image at the beginning of this paragraph; print, review, initial all pages, sign, and E-mail the Memorandum of Understanding to us along with your complete contact information. Then you will sign an A-1 Constituency Association Registration form to be sent to Elections Ontario for approval. At the present the Leader of the party assumes the role of CFO for the applicants and utilizes the party's auditor to expedite the process.

A large number of Canadian citizens in every election chose to put their life on hold and work tirelessly to serve their communities, without the support of the subsidies available to the mainstream parties. These registered candidates have the same rights as the rest of the candidates from the Liberal, PC and NDP parties of Ontario, under the Broadcasting Act, Elections Act or Elections Finance Act. Treating these devoted individuals as second-class citizens and discarding their affiliated parties violates their constitutional rights!

This is a travesty in the democratic process of election, that the authorities, in this case Elections Ontario, CRTC, mainstream media outlets and publications, etc., only focus on the Liberal, PC and NDP parties of Ontario, and fail to inform the public of all the choices available to them; depriving constituents of exposure to the new talents, visions, ideas, abilities, and genuine commitment of these disenfranchised candidates, who are ready and willing to work hard to participate in the process of direct and dynamic democracy.

Preventing the electorate from being introduced to these legitimate candidates hampers the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy that is exercised by the Ontario Legislative Assembly. Small parties and Independents have enough challenges dealing with the bureaucracy, due to the lack of accessibility to monetary and human resources, and the last thing they need is to be oppressed by mainstream media, who create an uneven and unfair playing ground in favour of the three parties of Ontario, disfranchising our society of their given rights under the Charter.

The Canadians' Choice Party provides assistance with administration, promotion, consultation, training, etc., some of which is centralized. CCP helps Constituency Associations to find/assign a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and auditor as required by the rules and regulations of Elections Ontario, in order to ensure that the political financial transactions are legitimate as per the Elections Finance Act of Ontario.

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