A bottom-up approach to engage citizens!

Why Are You Here? Why bother to vote?
Why do you seek a new type of representation?

Lookig For Alternatives

Some of the reasons why you might want to support the Canadians' Choice Party are:

  • To treasure your vote.
  • To hope for a better future.
  • To find a responsible candidate in your riding.
  • To see promises being met for a change.
  • To have a representative, not a career politician.

    Now you have the opportunity to exercise your rights and get inspired.

Are Your MPPs Accessible When You Need Them?
When do you seek help from your MPP?


Some of the issues that you need to find assistance with:

  • You need to find a solution.
  • You raise your concerns with no response.
  • You are sending out tens of letters with no result.
  • You have difficulty accessing the "proper channels."
  • You are struggling to identify the solutions to local issues.
  • You are unaware of new laws that affect your community.
  • You know that your Candidates are unaware of real needs.

Does the Ontario Government do its job?

To become truly equal, colour blind and compassionate we must recognize that need is universal among all groups, races, religions, ages. We must make sure that everyone is included. Public health care, adequate nutrition, and necessary shelter are the very basic survival needs, which among other rights, all fall into the Provincial Government jurisdiction.

Your MPPs must be ready, willing, and able to:

  • Deal with poverty and homelessness,
  • Pursue alternative sources of energy,
  • Safeguard and promote health care in Ontario,
  • Make sure that human rights are being upheld,
  • Assist in the development of needed social services,
  • Encourage accessibility to education, diversification, and standardization of public programmes and services.

    Provincial Jurisdiction
  • health
  • welfare
  • education
  • property and civil rights
  • administration of justice
  • natural resources and the environment

What Can Be Done?

Best of two worlds:

Diversity We would like to thank all Independent Candidates for running in what we all hope will open a dialogue between constituents and their representatives. We are united in our view that the domination of politics by the mainstream parties is undermining democracy in Ontario. We do NOT expect that we will agree on all issues, but, we do agree that MPPs should represent their constituents.
It is clear that people are sometimes hesitant to vote for Independent Candidates. We strongly believe that establishing a party for Independent Candidates is the way to enhance responsiveness to the voters they represent.
Independents are the norm, and the primary goal of a candidate running in a riding is the promotion of that riding's concerns, not the party's concerns. Political parties are voting coalitions for specific agendas. However, mainstream political parties prioritize their own agendas and neglect their constituents’ welfare, the very same people who vote for them and pay them.


Participation What if there were a new party that would truly represent each riding without any obligation to a group of individuals!
What if there were a party to give a hand to individual patriots who have the conviction to do good for their own communities by running for office, without answering to a party leader when it comes to the issues and policies that affect their constituents.
We Ontarians, loyal to Ontario and Canada, need an answer. We need a solution now.
Only the Executive Committee and those who run (Candidates) have the right to vote on the policies, issues, common platform, and functionality of the Party in general; other members and volunteers should convince their candidates to place their votes in their favour.

What do you need to address your concerns?


Some of the ways you can find new solutions for your local issues are to:

  • Control your destiny.
  • Maximize your exposure.
  • Stay steps ahead of your MPP.
  • Promote your riding’s reputation.
  • Deliver your message articulately.
  • Improve on your interest group continuously.
  • Foster a desirable environment with other like-minded citizens.
  • Repackage your presentation to overcome challenges you face.

Where do you look for information about your local candidates?


Some of the venues that are available to you:

  • Yourself.
  • Elections Ontario offices.
  • Your friends and relatives.
  • Political Parties’ websites.
  • Internet and newspapers for advertised messages.
  • Mainstream Political Parties’ Local Associations.

Which parts of your challenges can you help with?

Find Solution

Some of the areas that you need to understand more about:

  • Motivation to pursue.
  • Ways to find decision makers.
  • Finding your real local issues.
  • Investing your time to find necessary information.
  • How to follow up appropriately for better and faster results.
  • Having a balance between your personal concerns and your community’s life.
    You want to look up all kinds of opportunities. To do that, the first thing you do is to go back over your entire list of issues. GET READY!
    You are going to apply experience that you never thought was relevant. Whether it be knowledge, charitable work, or community service, if you have done it, you use it.
    You are aggressive! You are proactive! It is not the issue that you have never done it.

Some of the ways that you will achieve your objectives:

  • Utilizing the riding’s resources.
  • Improving your local infrastructure.
  • One-on-one interaction with your MPP.
  • Evaluating your community’s progress.
  • Boosting your neighbourhood’s confidence.
  • Analyzing marketable skills and talents among constituents.
  • Helping your MPP to present your challenges at Queen’s Park.

    Federal Jurisdiction
  • citizenship
  • Employment Insurance
  • Money and Banking
  • Aboriginal peoples in Canada
  • Criminal law
  • Postal Service
  • Trade Regulation
  • Transportation
  • Defence
  • External Relations
  • Copyrights
  • Census
    Municipalities Jurisdiction
  • Water
  • sewage
  • Waste Collection
  • Public Transit
  • Emergency Services
  • Economic Development
  • Libraries
  • Animal Control

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